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IV Care Benefits

Heartland’s IV Care services provide multiple benefits:

  • We prepare medications under sterile conditions into a ready-to-use form, usually a bag or syringe.
  • We provide supplies and equipment for home IV, enteral therapy and for care of catheter sites.
  • We arrange home delivery of medications and tube-feeding materials.
  • We coordinate weekly consultations with a pharmacist to monitor side effects, establish therapy goals and ensure you have the supplies you need. 
  • We arrange nurse visits to teach IV care, make assessments, change catheter dressings and draw lab samples.
  • We bill insurance providers directly and provide an estimate of out-of-pocket expenses in writing before care is initiated. 
  • We follow a customized plan of care developed through physician collaboration.
  • We remain in constant contact with your physician to make sure medication schedules are followed.
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