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IV Care Benefits

Heartland’s IV Care services provide multiple benefits:

  • Many Heartland IV patients can continue to work and enjoy normal activities while receiving therapy. 
  • Heartland IV patients are encouraged to participate in out-of-home activities that enrich their quality of life. Most insurance companies don’t require them to stay at home.
  • We take the necessary precautions to keep the risk of a catheter-related infection in the home no greater than in the hospital. Patients are actually less prone to infection at home.
  • We can provide IV medication and nutrition support at home, helping avoid the need for hospitalization. 
  • Consideration is given to patients’ allergies, sensitivity history, medical history, medication precautions, access to emergency services and current condition.
  • Heartland IV Care can be provided without a recent hospital stay or surgery. Heartland’s pharmacy can arrange for the insertion of an appropriate IV catheter with a physician’s order.
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